My character

Animal: African Wild Dog

Age: 14 (human)

Gender: Female.

Breed: ----

Personality: Tomboyish, daring, troublemaker, but can also be sweet to the ones that know her well.

Likes: Rai, having fun, being free, causing trouble

Dislikes: Rain, sitting around, flowers, dresses, pretty much anything girly x3

Theme Song: Not sure yet.

Details: She is in a relationship with Rai. She is sometimes seen as anthro, in which case she wears guy shorts and a green unzipped hoodie, the sleeves pushed up above her elbows. She wears a tanktop underneath. And yes, that is a skull-and-crossbones marking on her thigh.

Art of Naomi:

Colored by myself. Lineart by Wendigo.

Colored by myself. Lineart by beebop and flutter23. 


By Phantomhowl.


By bdavi.

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